mercredi 12 août 2015

SOSN at The Lilypad | August 12

Il est l'heure de retrouver le SOSN à la boutique The Lilypad.
Aujourd'hui, redécouvrez :
- les produits Mellow, Tea Brushes et Woody Feathers de Lynne-Marie,

- le kit Chasing the Sun d'Amy Wolff

- ainsi les produits School Zone de Kim Jensen.

mes pages :

credits : 
by Lynne-Marie : Mellow - kit & overlays ; Tea brushes ; alpha White Lines ; staples from Annabelle
by Amy Wolff : Messy Marvin Deconstructed Vol. 3
sketch by Fabrik A Scrap
(made for the random challenge at The Lilypad)

credits :
by Kim Jensen : School Zone - bundle
by Just Jaimee :alpha November Storyteller 2014
by Heather Joyce : font The Short Caps
by Lynne-Marie : IQ (for the brush and the paint)
sketch by 6alamaison
(made for the journaling challenge on the forum The Lilypad)

credits :
by Amy Wolff : Chasing the Sun
by Pink Reptile Designs : Stamp It No1
by Amy Martin Designs : template Here It Is
(made for the White space challenge on the forum The Lilypad)

mes pages en tant que guest à la boutique :

credits :
by Just Jaimee : August Storyteller 2014 ; August Storyteller 2014 Pocket template
by Pink Reptile Designs : Downtown (collab with Ninigoesdigi)
by Etc. by Danyale : Note to Self Frames

credits :
by Little Butterfly Wings : Easy Peasy - vol3 {templates}
by Allison Penningon : Get Lost - elements, papers
by Pink Reptile Designs : Stamp It No1

Mellow by Lynne-Marie


Tea Brushes by Lynne-Marie

Woody Feathers by Lynne-Marie

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